Thursday, October 28, 2010

Protective Hairstyling for Fall & Winter Months..

Lets talk about some protective hairstyles for natural/relaxed African-American hair. During the fall and winter months there tends to be less humidity in the air and for someone like myself who already has dry hair the change in the weather tends to be quite rough on it. I have been natural since June 2009. I did not do the big chop, I decided to transition by using braids, kinky twists, wigs and sew-in weaves. I will discuss my haircare regimen in a future post.
The video below is from my personal youtube channel, and it is a style that I personally LOVE! The Micro/Sew-In is a style that gives you the look of micro braids...without all the time in the chair, or doing it yourself. I like to do the micro braids around the whole perimeter of the head and then do the sew in in the middle of my head as you will see in the video.

As mentioned before its is important to keep your hair moisturized during the winter and fall months. Try to avoid products with glycerine in them. Many natural hair divas love to use a glycerine-water mix on their hair to provide moisture...the reason this does not work during the winter/fall months is because glycerine pulls whatever is in the air into YOUR if the air is humid...glycerine pulls the moisture in...during dry months it pulls the dry air in and that can be harmful to your hair.
I personally use more oils during the fall/winter months...coconut oils, olive oil, also aloe vera gel works great for my hair..and all items can be found at reasonable prices.
I would love for you all to leave a comment stating what protective styles you use during the fall/winter months!!

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