Wednesday, November 24, 2010

QuaniChic Reviews: ELF products from Target Haul

I called this look LONDON FOG...a combination of gray and black shadows

I used my recent ELF purchases to enter a contest on YouTube. The contest is being held by MrsGlass2007 to celebrate her channel reaching 500 subbies. Go check out her channel, subscribe, and enter her contest featuring a makeup look using at least 1 ELF the following link to be directed to MrsGlass2007 YT channel...

Well anyone who knows me knows I am a little "extra" I did a look and all but 2 items (covergirl concealer & NYX jumbo pencil used for eyeshadow primer) were from ELF cosmetics. The brushes I used were also ELF. After using these products...I can honestly say that I am pleased with  the color payoff from the shadows, but I must add that the pigmentation on the Beauty Encyclopedia was MUCH better than the pigmentation of the 32-palette. I think I am going to go back to Target and get the other Beauty Encyclopedia in the neutral tones..

All in all...I recommend the ELF palettes, especially if you are a makeup beginner (like myself). Just keep in mind you MUST use some type of eyeshadow primer for these shadows to live up to their full potential.


  1. Very Nice... I cam wait to use the stuff on my Elf Target Haul... Thanks For Your Tips...