Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ask QuaniChic: When Do I Throw Away My Makeup???

Hello Chicsters,

Today's post is going to be about how to tell if your makeup has gone bad and when you need to THROW IT OUT. Yes..I know we all like to hold on to makeup, myself included, or we buy so much makeup that we may only use it a few times and think that it is still good. Well here are a few general guidelines for your makeup....

MASCARA:  3-6 months, once you use the wand and put it back into the tube....your mascara
                          becomes a breeding ground for germs

FOUNDATION:  dry foundation 18 months, liquid 12 months....if u notice any separation in your
                               liquid foundation before 12 months....THROW IT OUT

EYE SHADOW:   cream 12 months, dry 24 months

LIPSTICK: 1 year

BLUSH: dry 2 years, cream 6 months

EYELINERS:  pencil 2 years, wet 6 months

NAIL POLISH: 1 year, or as soon as you see separation in the bottle

MAKEUP SPONGES: ONE MONTH....sponges are bacteria breeding grounds....NO EXCEPTIONS!

MAKEUP BRUSHES: two years. Now keep in mind the maintenance and quality of your brushes
                                        can GREATLY effect this time line. This is just a general time period.

ANYTIME you notice a change in texture or smell in your cosmetics...I recommend that they be thrown out.

It is rare, but medical cases have been reported for cosmetic contamination causing irritations, infections, and in extreme cases, blindness (conjunctivitis, eye infection). If you suspect an eye infection, throw out the eye makeup that you’ve been using. Avoid eye makeup altogether for a week or two. If you noticed any change in eye vision, especially blurred vision, pain, or unusual discharge in the eye, consult a physician.

Here is a helpful tip to help keep track of you makeup expiration dates....

You can buy the little white labels (stickers used for pricing) at any local store in the stationary department....put the label on your cosmetics and mark the date when opened...and using the chart above mark the date when it needs to be thrown away.

Be sure to store your cosmetics in a cool, dry place outside the bathroom to extend their shelf life.


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