Friday, March 25, 2011

Updates...Natural Hair...MICAHs HAIR BALM

Wow...I have completely neglected my poor blog!! Well I'm sorry y'all...and I am BACK like cooked crack (not really but you get what I'm saying) Speaking of crack....I have been using  new product on my natural hair and I want to share it with you guys as well as document my hair growth. The product I am currently in love with is called MICAH's HAIR BALM. It is a part of a hair growth system created by Mrs. Micah of PrettieStyle. I am really in love with what this product has done for my hair so far and I will have  review and a giveaway coming up for Micah's Hair Balm in April. Until is my official length check (pictures taken on March 24, 2011) I will continue to use the product and check back in6 weeks to show you all the progress (although I can already see that my hair is MUCH thicker than before...and SOOOO moisturized) So check out the photos below and check out Micah's site!!! 


Direct Link to MICAHs HAIR BALM:

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