Sunday, February 27, 2011

QC Oscars Beauty Pick: Jennifer Hudson I did not watch the Oscars (I usually find them to be pretty boring) but Im looking through all the pictures of the red carpet arrivals and I have to say JENNIFER HUDSON IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! Her makeup, dress, hair.....everything was beautiful! QC would like to give honorable mentions as well to Halle Berry and Camilla Alves (Matthew McConaughey's  baby Who were your beauty picks for this years Oscars??
Jennifer Hudson

Halle Berry

Camilla Alves

Sunday, February 20, 2011

QC Reviews: INSTYLER for natural hair...

As you all know I have been natural for 20 months now (wow) and loving it, but I have been wanting to try the INSTYLER for a while. I know you all have seen the infomercials late at night with the chick from American Idol and Celeb Fit Club using the INSTYLER on her hair and thought hmmm.... Well I'm here to tell you...IT WORKS!!! I was really pleasantly surprised with my results. I have a combination of 3c/4a hair and it really straightened my hair out!! I do recommend that you use a HEAT PROTECTANT of your well as deep condition your hair the night before...or the day of.  See my results below and also a demonstration video on how to use the INSTYLER featuring my normally TENDERHEADED 8-year old sister....(she actually sat still and didn't complain once)....

My INSTYLER results...before, during and after
Watch the INSTYLER Demo....

QC Rates INSTYLER 4 out of 5 stars. My only complaint with this tool is that I could not get as close to my roots as I would have liked. But my hair was really straight and it still feels very soft and silky.

JUST IN CASE MY NATURALS ARE WONDERING....I immediately wet a section of hair when I was finished...and it curled right back NO HEAT DAMAGE...but I advise you all to use this product with the same caution that you would use any other heat related tool.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

QC Celeb Beauty Pick: Janelle Monae

This months Celeb Beauty is Janelle Monae. I absolutely love her style from her fashion, to her natural hair, to her ALWAYS flawless yet never overdone makeup. She performed on this years Grammys and was absolutely fabulous!!!